Oxford Football Club Refund Policy:

  1. Free Football Registrations - If you withdraw a Junior or Youth player registered under a free football program after 31st March 2024, a fee of $30 will apply to cover upstream registration costs.
  2. Paid Registrations:
    1. If the club is unable to place a player into any team, a full refund will be made. This however may not be the specific team that you wish to play in or request.
    2. If you withdraw or decide not to play before registrations close, then a refund of any fees paid, less a $30 administration fee will be made.
    3. If you withdraw or decide not to play after the closure of registrations, but with more than two weeks before the season starts for your specific age grade, then a 50% refund will be made.
    4. If you withdraw or decide not to play within two weeks prior to the start of the season (age grade applicable), or after the start of the season, then no refund will be made available.
  3. The Club Committee may, at its discretion, offer a partial refund or credit of playing fees in the event of withdrawl due to major injury or exceptional circumstances. Any credit will be carried over to the next immediate season registration and become non-refundable if not used.

NOTE: Oxford FC are not obligated to provide a refund of registration fees simply because you have changed your mind, or do not like the team you have been allcoated.