Photography & Social Media Policy

On occasion Oxford Football Club posts pictures of players in either a posed group/team setting or from a candid action shot of a practice or game to the Oxford Football Club website or Facebook Page(s).

As a policy, Oxford Football Club does not ''tag'' or caption these photos with players' or parents' names. If you or your child appears in a photo and you would prefer that they did not, the photo may be removed or the player's face will be obscured, at the discretion Oxford Football Club.

All removals/obfuscations will be done on a picture-by-picture basis.  As an entirely volunteer run organisation, Oxford Football Club does not have the time, resources, or manpower to pre-emptively review all pictures against a list of excluded players.

For photo removals/obfuscations please send the link/URL of the photo in question to with a description of the specific player in the photo, so we can easily identify who needs to be removed/obscured.