Oxford Football Club was established in 2003, to provide football opportunities for families within Oxford, Cust, Sheffield and wider North Canterbury.   Our club is 100% totally run by volunteers (Coaches, Managers, Committee, Fundraising) and is basaed at  Pearson Park Playing Fields, Burnett Street, Oxford, where we have 4 pitches established.

​​​​​​​Our children have always been at the heart of our club, so we understand how important it is that families have access to fun, friendly, no-pressure sport, where kids can learn and have fun with their friends in a safe and encouraging environment.

We've recognised that, for many families within our community, the cost of participation for children's sport is getting harder to afford with each season. This is especially true at this time, when inflation and the general cost of living is increasing almost daily, and fuel prices make travel to games more challenging than ever. 

As a club, we don't see why the children within our communites should miss out on the ability to take part in community sports with their friends, simply because the cost of participation is unsustainable. We have decided to do things a little differently from every other sports club in the region Rather than relying on registration fees, we will fund upstream registration and administration costs from Sponsorship and Grants.

This means that Oxford FC will not charge any membership fees for Children under 16 years of age who wish to play football in Oxford. 

This will mean a big change for how we operate the club. We intend to register as a Charity organisation this year and the Committee will be working hard to secure sponsorship and grants to fund the programs. We are the only football club in Canterbury to offer FREE football, and as far as we are aware, we may also be the only football club in New Zealand.

Oxford Football Club would welcome enquiries for sponsorship, no matter the size, from interested businesses and organisations. If you are interested in sponsoring a team, a project, or specific club equipment such as balls, nets, flags and training items, then please contact Oxford Football Club at president@oxfordfc.co.nz 

Or if you'd simply prefer to make a donation of any size, please use the button below.